CAS Suite by CAS-BIZ Technology

CAS Suite not only completes but enhances your experience with Business Accounting Software. It seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, affording you the flexibility to manage your payroll, invoices and other forms, as well as customize your reports in formats compatible with set regulations in Cambodia. CAS Suite also supports Cambodian Riel Currency and Khmer language fonts making it easier for Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (MSMEs) to print their reports in local format and reap extra benefits which are unavailable in QuickBooks.

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Customize forms to your exam desired layout

Customize forms to your exact desired layout

Print forms in format required by the authorites

Print forms in format required by the authorites

Generate & Print reports by regulated standards

Generate & Print reports by regulated standards

Mr. Sambatt chey

Mr. Sambatt Chey,
CEO, CAS-BIZ Technology, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Certified Consultant

It's our job to Simplify Your Success. That's why we've spent years to research and develop this powerful ecosystem integration to enhance your QuickBooks  experience. CAS Suite is a product of thoughtfulness, analysis of intricacies as well as business logic accuracy all channeled into making sure we deliver that uniquely complete business software experience especially for MSMEs in Cambodia. 

Brief Background of the CAS Suite Project

Solutions arise from challenges and CAS Suite is no different. Since the popularization of SME Accounting Software in Cambodia around the early 2000s, there has been a growing parallel between the needs which software solutions meet, and the actual requirements within the Cambodian business environment. To fill this gap, CAS-BIZ Technology took up the challenge and embarked on research and development which ultimately conceived CAS Suite, a comprehensive solution tailored to address the inadequacies of Accounting Software as applied to Cambodian businesses. QuickBooks is merited as one of the most flexible SME Business Accounting Software in the market. However, there are challenges of currency, taxation, report formatting and compatibility with local regulations. Fortunately, CAS Suite sufficiently deals with those issues and more.

Brief background of the cas suite project