Reap the advantages of integrating
CAS Suite with your QuickBooks

CAS Suite as a part and parcel of your Business Accounting Software ecosystem is not only exceptional but increasingly essential. As the first QuickBooks integrated solution for compatibility with Cambodia's regulatory standards on forms, monthly tax declaration and report, the CAS Suite team regularly consults with policy makers to learn the latest format requirement and tweak the application accordingly. CAS Suite is also the only complete solution offered by intuit certified professional and authorized distributor. Here are a few pros you would notice  

Why combine your QB with CAS Suite ?


Even though CAS Suite is the only solution of its kind in the market, it is also reasonably priced because our goal is to simplify your success in business. You also save more on a higher number of users.

Seamless integration

CAS Suite reads your currently open company file on QuickBooks through secure QBSDK, QBXML, and ODBC which is available for QuickBooks Enterprise Edition, then retrieves and displays the data in real-time. You don’t need to worry about first exporting the data in MS Excel or other format. CAS Suite not only synchronizes with your company file and populates the list automatically but offers you the option to modify your records for printing, without affecting your original company file on QuickBooks. We make this seamless integration and smooth operation possible by creating a temporary buffer for the retrieved records by which you generate your reports.

seamless integration
Save time and effort
Save time and effort

After the tiring task of ensuring accuracy while working with your company file on QuickBooks, it is refreshing to skip the hassle of another tedious experience raining down on your keyboard like a thousand horses. We had this in mind and that’s why we designed CAS Suite to get your tasks done with nothing more than just a few clicks. No need for re-editing, re-calculating, re-modifying. Just click away and you’re all set and done. CAS Suite re-calculates only the aspects of your business that are not adequately processed in QB. For example, presenting taxation forms in Cambodian government regulated format. There is a special logic for this to achieve correctness. That is why we have built a module to specifically handle the intricacies within this taxation challenge, ensure the accuracy of your report and display just by a few clicks.

Customized Forms and Reporting

You can present your forms and reports in whichever way you want – select the fields/columns to display, the period/date range and so on. In other words, you are not limited by default opening period or monthly range. You can select random dates and fields for the reports to display and print however you want, on a range of multiple template formats. Additionally, there is customized form and report service to design the template to your exact desired layout. 

Customized forms and reporting
Regulatory standards
Regulatory Standards

The form templates included in CAS Suite are already optimized by the Cambodian Authorities’ required standard. For example, if you want to print your tax report, you don’t have to worry about the format required by the General Department of Taxation. CAS Suite will often update the format based on the latest regulation and update the software with no additional charge to the customer.

Print in Khmer Fonts

CAS Suite was built with Unicode Character Set support for Sanskrit language, particularly Khmer. If you worried about printing empty boxes due to lack of support for Khmer fonts, then worry no more. After years of R&D, CAS Suite is finally well-rounded in capturing and presenting Khmer Unicode characters in all stages of your data processing. Say goodbye to printing empty boxes.

Print in khmer fonts
Local Riel currency
Local Riel Currency

While your QuickBooks may not support Cambodian Riel Currency, CAS Suite does. With a module which automatically calculates your QuickBooks USD values into local Khmer Riels for display on your reports, you need not punch a calculator or struggle to sum totals. CAS Suite does it for you automatically. 

Professional Support

CAS Suite is offered by none other than a QuickBooks Certified professional company authorized by Intuit to distribute and support the product in Cambodia. With years of experience in accounting, taxation, business consulting and technical solutions to businesses from all popular industries, CAS-BIZ Technologies understands the challenges of not only the technology but also how it affects the business. As an extension of this competence, CAS-BIZ Technology not only bridges the gap between QuickBooks and CAS Suite in knowledge, consulting and implementation, but also in support. Hence, CAS-BIZ Technology has a dedicated support team of experienced experts specifically for CAS Suite.

Professional Support
Free Lifetime Updates
Free Lifetime Updates

For as long as you remain a subscription customer of CAS Suite, you are entitled to free updates by CAS-BIZ Technology. No need to spend extra money on new challenges relating to local regulation on business reports. As our goal is to simplify your business success, you can focus on your core business and not worry about the changing environment and corresponding changes/updates required in CAS Suite. Leave that to us.