How does it works?

Think of it as plug and play. QuickBooks is the connector, and CAS Suite is the Device. You plug the device to the connector just once, and you're ready to go. It's as simple as that.

CAS Suite seamlessly

CAS Suite seamlessly synchronizes with, and pulls your lists from QuickBooks, allowing you to complete essential Bookkeeping tasks without affecting your original company file on QuickBooks
CAS Suite seamlessly

Allows you to setup your company preferences and credentials in both Khmer and English languages which would be printed on the required reports. Learn more

Enables you choose between 70+ layouts to print invoices, forms and reports according to your desire and/or according to your industry’s requirements. Learn more

Takes care of intricacies in your tax handling and enables you to easily comply with tax regulations and print  out the acceptable format of your tax reports. Learn more

Handles your payroll and associated functions including income/income tax, to ensure accuracy. Then updates your QuickBooks payroll with the correct employee salary details. Learn more

Allows you to set daily, weekly or monthly exchange rates for calculating and presenting forms and reports in Cambodian riels. Learn more
backed up and restored at anytime.

Your data can be backed up and restored at anytime. QuickBooks list

All in all CAS Suite is the ultimate solution to your Cambodian business.

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