Get Started

If you already acquired your copy of CAS Suite, the chances are you don’t need this page because our experts have either implemented it in your company and trained you on how to use it, or they’re in the process of doing so. If you do not yet have a copy, please fill the form below to schedule a demo or request for a trial version.

If you have already acquired a copy of CAS Suite but would like to configure it yourself, then you follow these simple steps

  • 1

    Run CAS Suite Installation.

    Make sure the PC meets minimum system requirements of Windows 8.1++, 2GHz CPU, 2GB RAM and 1GB HDD. If all is well, click “next” and wait for the installation to be complete.
  • 2

    Allow access in QuickBooks.

    Ensure that QuickBooks is running without any dialogue box(es) opened when you first start-up CAS Suite. You will see an automatic prompt in QuickBooks asking you to authorize CAS Suite’s access. Grant the permission by clicking on the last option “Yes, always, allow access even if QuickBooks is not running”
  • 3

    Start using CAS Suite.

    It will automatically synch with QuickBooks and retrieve your lists. It’s that simple

First-Use Guide

When you run CAS Suite for the first time, you may have a blank dashboard, meaning you need to do some simple configurations.


Start with selecting what modules you would be using in your business. Go to: System > Module Activation >

Module Activation
Select the modules you require:

After activating the modules, CAS Suite will update database and restart itself automatically. Notice that the dashboard and menu structures have been updated, with items that correspond with your initial module selections.
The rest of this guide presumes that you selected all the modules.

Still on company preferences, click on “Employee & Payroll” tab  

Company Preference

Enter your Company Information:
Manager name, Company Name, Address, etc… in both Khmer and English. These details would appear were necessary on your forms and reports

It is important to make sure your input is exactly the same as it is on your business license when you registered your company. If you notice a type error, simply go back to the Company Preferences tab and correct it before printing out any forms.  

Still on company preferences, click on “Employee & Payroll” tab   


Enter Employee Tax Settings: Employee name, Tax code, Tax rate, Salary in local currency, etc. This will be stored for when the taxes will be calculated in CAS Suite. Learn more on Payroll Features  

In progression of these settings, you’ll notice “Company Tax” as a tab   


Do your main “tax settings”, “tax journal” and “protection”. Under tax settings, select from tens of options which tax types apply to your own business/industry.

It is important to note that the two tax types: Withholding Tax (WHT) and Value Added Tax (VAT) are mandatory according to government regulation in Cambodia. You may add other tax types which are specifically required in your industry. Contact us if you’re unsure of this.

The fourth and final tab you may notice is “Report” settings   


Configure your own custom columns to show in your reports, Add XML menu file for custom report. You also have an option to connect to your QuickBooks company file reports through ODBC.

This ODBC feature only works with QuickBooks Enterprise. The good news is that you don’t actually need it. You may notice the company file already exist in the configuration, because you earlier consented to authorize CAS Suite to integrate with QuickBooks. However, if you want to change the company file manually or establish ODBC link as an advanced user, Enter username and password then test connection.

Note: this ODBC setting is only for advanced users. You should not change anything in that setting if you’re not sure of what you’re doing.  

With that, you have completed your initial settings for CAS Suite and you can now begin to have fun using the extended features on the main menu: Vendor Center, Customer Center, Employee Center, Tax Center, and Report Center. For any other guide or other issues, please contact our support department on +855 63 965 359