Evolution of CAS Suite

CAS Suite packs powerful features for ecosystem integration with your SME business accounting software for compatibility and compliance with the Cambodian business environment. After extensive research, we have developed this integration software through multiple phases to arrive at the features we currently have now in version DT 19.1.0. There are four main modules in this version which translate into multiple features - Sales and Purchase forms, Payroll Management, Tax Management and Custom Reporting.  

Revolution of CAS Suite

See how CAS Suite has evolved up to this point from the list of the most significant versions we ever released

Version Release Date Update Details
CAS Suite DT 19.1.0
[current/latest version]
Aug 2019 Speed optimized, General Improvements
CAS Suite DT 19.0.9  May 2019 New tax policies by the General Department of Tax incorporated into the tax module logic. New forms and report format included
CAS Suite DT 19.0.6 Feb 2019 Speed optimized, General Improvements
CAS Suite DT 19.0.0 Dec 2018 General Improvements Speed optimized, tested with the latest QuickBooks
CAS Suite DT 18.8.9 Oct 2018 Speed optimized, General Improvements
CAS Suite DT 18.2.6 Mar 2018 Exchange Rate Function added. Users can now set daily, weekly or monthly exchange rate between foreign currency and Khmer Riels which will be used to calculate transactions and display the Riel value on printable forms and reports.
CAS Suite DT 18.0.0 Nov 2017 Independently operated Payroll module can now calculate salary, applicable taxes and update QuickBooks Payroll record.
CAS Suite DT 17.4.6 Apr 2017 Setup/installation process improved, easier to run and install CAS Suite.
CAS Suite DT 17.2.5 Jan 2017 UI (User Interface) improved, speed optimized, forms and report template increased.
CAS Suite DT 17.0.0 Dec 2016 ODBC implemented for faster connection with QuickBooks Enterprise, in addition to existing QBSDK which was tested to be slower, depending on the bulk of records in the company file.

Prior to 2016

The first CAS Suite version X was a lightweight QuickBooks Application. It integrated with QuickBooks Desktop through QBSDK, retrieved company file data, stored temporarily in a cache for printing and other purposes within the functions of the application. It generated sales/purchase journal, crosschecked the transaction with "income", if there was a match then it was identified as taxable. The application would generate Sales and Purchase journal before applying the tax. This was the simple foundation logic for CAS Suite, but needs create inventions. CAS Suite has since evolved beyond a mere tax calculator to an essential component of your business accounting ecosystem.